The Desire for Beautiful Teeth Is Natural

and achievable using the correct All Ceramic materials

Crown and bridge HQ dental warranty

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E-MAX CROWN - 2 years warranty
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What Is HQ dental Laboratory?

"HQ Dental was established in 1986 and has grown into one of the UKs leading full service laboratories.
We are a full service dental laboratory with specialist implant, crown and bridge, prosthetics, orthodontics and cobalt chrome departments.

For 29 years our aim has been to give the highest level of technical support to our clinicians.

We work as a skilled team and we are constantly striving to maintain the highest standards of excellence in both the quality of our products and service to our clients.

We are equipped with the very latest technology and every item of work to leave the lab is triple checked for quality and accuracy.

Our daily mission is to meet your needs , exceed your expectations and make your life easier."

Call us on 0113 2796668 to ask us any question or specific requirement


..our unofficial motto at HQ is “we like a challenge!”...and we are happy for you to refer difficult crown and bridge cases to us - especially when complex colour matching and shade taking is required - all our crown and bridge cases benefit from total laboratory involvement and technician shade taking (so that the body of the crown can be built up in layers to incorporate internal characteristics) and then we glaze and stain the restoration with the patient’s amazing what we can do!

Enquiry: Shade taking


It is reccommended that you perform a teeth whitening procedure before having a crown fitted, especially for teeth at the front, because ceramic shades cannot be whitened, the shade they will be produced in will be that of adiacent teeth. If you decide to have your teeth whitened after having a crown fit - there will be an aesthetic discrepance.


At Yorkshire Implant Centre we are equipped with our own cone beam CAT scanner and we can scan your patients for you. Our scans are very reasonably priced:

  • Dual arch scan
  • Single arch scan
  • Small field scan

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Oral Detox

Using BEACH WHITE formulated, organic coconut oil you can achieve a healthier mouth with an ancient technique known as oil pulling. We have enriched nature’s sweetest ingredient with tasty flavours to give you a great oil pulling experience and fresh breath. BEACH WHITE is safe for anyone who has veneers, bridges, crowns, fillings, or dental implants.