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‘All on 4‘ Full arch implant retained bridges
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‘All on 4‘ Full arch implant retained bridges

All on 4 is  now recognised as one of the greatest advances in dental medicine offering patients a safe, immediate and cost effective way of replacing all their failing or missing teeth with a complete set of natural looking fixed permanent teeth.

This  treatment can completely rehabilitate your oral health and it involves having just 4 implants per arch.

The main advantage of this treatment is that a set of fixed teeth can be provided in just one day-this is groundbreaking as conventional implant treatment would usually involve multiple surgeries taking up to a year to complete.

We actually provide two bridges-the primary bridge is fitted on the day of your procedure and then a more substantial titanium reinforced bridge is fitted 12 weeks later.

By placing just 4 implants (2 of which are angled to allow a firmer connection with a greater cross section of bone) in precise locations it means that complex bone grafting can be avoided and that almost everyone is suitable for this treatment.

With just 4 implants your new teeth are easy to maintain and clean making this a healthy option. All on 4 costs roughly half the price of conventional treatment and is £12500-13500 per arch depending on complexity.

To speak to us about All on 4 Treatment, please contact us today on 0113 279 6668.

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