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Full Arch Implants
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Full Arch Implants

Full Arch Implants are a great way to give you a full set of teeth if you are missing most or all of your current teeth. Furthermore, if you have dental damage or would like a more lifelike feel to your teeth that your are not getting from a movable denture, you may like a full arch implant.

There are many advantages to having Full Dental Implants. These include:

Aesthetics: Your restoration will be crafted to match your facial structure, and it will sit directly on your gum line. Therefore, it will be virtually identical to natural teeth.

Stability: Because your implants will be permanently affixed to your jawbone, they will never slip out of place. Therefore, you will not have to worry about embarrassing slippage or a restricted diet.

Oral health: Dental implants are the only type of restoration that can prevent jawbone atrophy, the loss of jaw bone tissue that occurs in the absence of tooth roots.

Durability: With proper care, dental implants could last the rest of your life. Because your jawbone will remain stable, you will not have to receive adjustments to your restoration.

At Sarasota Dentistry, we believe all our patients deserve to be proud of their smile. If you are considering full arch dental implants or need other dental treatment, just ask! We’re happy to help.

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