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HQ Dental are one of the leading providers of fixed braces for dentists across the UK.  Fixed braces remain the number one choice in the industry, bringing the greatest results to clients.

Traditional fixed braces, sometimes known as train tracks are what most people think of straight away when you say the word orthodontics.  Fixed braces are stainless steel brackets fitted to the front surface of each tooth with a thin wire. Additionally, small elastic bands work with the brackets to move the teeth in to the desired position.

They work by using pressure, exerted on to the tooth, to move them in to position. This is achieved by tightening the wires, however it is not a painful procedure and usually clients do not realise that the teeth are moving.

Traditional fixed braces have many benefits:

  • The brackets are much smaller and therefore more comfortable to wear
  • The system of brackets and archwires is simple yet effective
  • You can use them for both major and minor orthodontic cases
  • They get brilliant results.

If you require fixed braces made for one of your patients and would like to speak to our laboratory, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our team today.

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