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HQ Dental Digital processes

HQ Dental is always looking to be at the cutting edge of dentistry and we are leading the way with our digital process workflow.

Going Digital allows for a much better, and cleaner experience for our patients. Through using a special digital scanner, we are able to scan the mouth which then creates an exact replica in a CAD format. From here we can send the file to be printed on a 3d printing for a mould, or to our milling machines for further works.

The digital processes are used to create perfect crowns and bridges and have a very small margin for error.

HQ Dental are one of the only dental practices in the UK using this technology.

The Digital Process follows a simple five step format:

  • Intraoral Scanning – 3D Scans are taken at the Dental Surgery for accurate digital impressions
  • Digital Processing – Digital files are received and checked to ensure they are ready for production
  • CAD-CAM Production – Files are sent to our in-house milling machine and production starts immediately
  • Quality control – Products are approved in accordance to our DAMAS quality control procedures
  • Product Delivery – Products are delivered quickly with guaranteed quality, fit and aesthetic results

If you would like to know more information about our digital workflow and how it is being used in our practice to give a greater experience for our patients, please do not hesitate to get in contact with one of our team today.

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