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Other Services

Working Times

Implantology − individual per case
Crown & Bridge − 7 days
Prosthetics − 7 days
Chrome cobalt/acetal resin clasps − 10 days @ bite or try-in stage
Repairs/Relines/Additions/ − Next day
Valplast − 7 days

Pre book for a faster turnaround if required:

Express − 3 days + 15%
Sprint − 2 days + 25%
Super sprint − 1 days + 100% (Bonded work only)

NB. The above times are exclusive of weekends but do allow for collection and delivery.


Daily driver collection and deliver service – available through out our region

Pre-paid first class postal service – for clients through out the UK who can’t be visited on a daily basis

Patient Consultation & Shade Matching


Available at your practice or at our facility and includes digital shade taking and photography – an invaluable service to help realise the expectations of the most discerning patients. 


Patient Awareness Package

Comprises of product information leaflets and demonstration models displaying different restorative and prosthetic options and can be customised to suit your requirements.

Technical information is available on request.

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