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Zirconia Crowns
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Zirconia Crowns

Our own high grade aesthetic zirconia crown & bridge frameworks are Cad Cam designed & milled in house for the perfect fit and display exceptional strength and aesthetics; the high grade zirconia substructure is designed for maximum strength and optimum support of the aesthetic veneering porcelain.


  • Strength and reliability – 1200 Mpa flexural strength
  • Aesthetics – homogenous shaded cores – veneered for beauty
  • Fit – Cad Cam precision- Optimal fit due to encoded enlargement factor on each blank –  batch specific coding
  • Premium quality zirconia – 6 year guarantee


  • Suitable for all sitings of Crown & Bridge work (no span restrictions)
  • Maryland bridges
  • Inlay/ Onlay retained bridges

Suitable for conventional or adhesive cementation – Multilink Automix or Panavia 21/F2.0 recommended.

…milled from a single monolithic block of pure zirconia, our Zenith Full Form zirconia crowns & bridges are an excellent all ceramic alternative to full gold restorations; they are ideal for Bruxers offering a more aesthetic, biocompatible and cost effective solution and as a solid zirconia restoration chipping is not an issue- they are stained and glazed for extra realism.


  • Biocompatibility
  • Strength and reliability – 1000 Mpa flexural strength/minimum thickness 0.5mm
  • Value – no costly gold surcharges
  • Fit – Cad Cam precision
  • Premium quality zirconia – Lifetime guarantee


  • Bruxers
  • Posterior crowns and bridges
  • Inlays/onlays
  • NB. If left unpolished or unglazed would be highly abrasive


Suitable for adhesive or convention cementation – Multilink Automix or Panavia 21/f2.0 recommended.

Cementation – How to place indirect restorations (external website)

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