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Porcelain Veneers

The traditional feldspathic porcelain veneer offers the most aesthetic but the weakest veneer solution, gaining its strength from adhesive resin cementation.

100Mpa (approx.)

0.4mm minimal thickness

Indicated where there is a minimal amount of occlusal interference/stress

No Prep Veneers

Vivo Veneers for Lumineers

The Vivo porcelain veneer is exclusively produced by HQ Dental and offers the perfect solution for minimally or non-invasive cosmetic smile enhancement; restoring your patients’ looks and confidence with ease.

HQ Dental’s Vivo veneers are skilfully created with outstanding aesthetics. The Vivo porcelain veneer is wafer thin but displays a much greater strength than a standard feldspathic veneer.


  • 0.3mm minimal thickness
  • 400Mpa flexural strength
  • Adhesive resin cementation – Variolink 11 or Variolink veneer utilising water soluble try in pastes to establish the desired aesthetics prior to final fixation is recommended.

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