Zygomatic implants

HQ dental is one of the few practices in the UK able to provide zygomatic implant placement.

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Our oral surgeon Mr Richard Moore can provide zygomatic  implants for patients with missing teeth and insufficient bone in the upper jaw for conventional dental implants.

With over 35 years of experience and more than 80 experts at our practice and on-site lab, we take great pride in providing world-class cosmetic dentistry and personable service.

What are zygomatic implants?

When any tooth is lost, the supporting bone shrinks away (resorbs), which can be a major issue in the upper palate where bone depth is already limited because of the sinus.

Instead of placing the titanium implants in the jaw bone, zygomatic implants are extra-long implants that pass through the palate and connect with bone in the cheek (zygoma).

These very advanced implants connect with bone which will always retain its density and strength and is never re-absorbed.

The implants provide support for bridgework where there has been a significant amount of bone loss from the upper jaw and regular implants are unable to support a bridge alone.

Zygomatic implants are a real alternative for patients for whom traditional dental implants are unsuitable.

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The benefits of zygomatic implant treatment

High success rate
According to research, zygomatic implants have an almost 100% success rate. Anchoring the dental implants close to the zygoma bone is also a much quicker alternative to bone grafting.

Bone grafts can take up to six months to heal, but it is possible to leave HQ dental on the same day after a zygomatic implant procedure.

One-stage procedure
A CAT scan is required which enables us to create a three-dimensional analysis of your mouth, bone density, gum and nerve health.

This allows us to plan your zygomatic implants to ensure they recover well and stay in place, eliminating the need for a bone graft.
Zygomatic implants are precisely placed to avoid the sinuses, avoiding the need for sinus lift surgery.

Zygomatic implant pricing

All prices are comprehensive and include a temporary PMMA bridge and a CAD/CAM designed titanium re-enforced long term bridge

Full arch

2 zygomatic implants £16,000

Full arch

4 zygomatic implants £18,000

What makes us special?


On-site lab

Everything required for your treatment is produced on-site, and our experience has demonstrated that in-house laboratory involvement always guarantees the best results.

Specialist oral surgeon

All procedures are carried out by specialist oral surgeon, Richard Moore. He is one of only a handful of UK surgeons able to fit these advanced implants. Zygomatic implant surgery is a specialism that HQ Dental takes real pride in.

World-class dentistry

We are renowned for providing leading modern dentistry and advanced cosmetic treatments that complement your natural teeth. Our other services include traditional dental implants, teeth whitening, veneers and a range of groundbreaking denture services.

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    Frequently asked questions

    A temporary replacement bridge will be fitted on the same day, so you won’t ever be missing teeth, and our expert dental technician team will then construct a permanent restoration that will be fitted later.

    It is common to fit two zygomatic implants in addition to two to four traditional implants. If bone availability is low, four zygomatic implants may be used.

    As the procedure is a more complex type of oral surgery, we routinely use intravenous sedation for our patients comfort.

    We understand that dental surgery can cause patients to feel anxious, for many different reasons. Our friendly team of dentists are here to reassure you and answer any questions you may have before your surgery. Our aim is to make you feel as comfortable as possible during your dental care.

    Your smile makeover is just a click away. Contact us today at (0113) 279 6667 or use the contact page and our friendly team will be happy to help.

    We are based on the outskirts of Leeds city centre and are easily accessible by car or public transport. You can find us at: Swallow House, 349 Tong Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS12 4QG.

    Interested in zygomatic implants?

    To find out more about zygomatic implants, just drop us a line or fill in our online contact form.

    I am very pleased with the care of the dentist and staff. My teeth look amazing and fit really well. I would tell everyone to go with them.

    Mrs Gloria Thompson

    Thanks very much for your care and skill in interpreting ropy impressions of heavy preps and manufacturing those crowns for Claire. They looked superb on the models and in the...


    Excellent service from everyone involved at HQ Dental. Speedy, efficient and friendly. Excellent fix, so pleased. I Would highly recommend.

    M.H Skarvil

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