Why Choose Invisalign?

Straight teeth in as little as 6 months

Virtually invisible removable retainer

See your straighter smile before you start

Includes free teeth whitening worth £250

Flexible payment options

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    How does it work?

    Free Invisalign Consultation

    Using our state of the art digital ITero scanner, we’ll scan your teeth and show you what your before and after would look like with Invisalign, as well as talk you through how it works.

    Retainer Fitting

    After your initial consultation and you want to proceed, we’ll get you back in to fit your Invisalign retainers and make sure you’re happy. We’ll then check in with you every 6 weeks.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Invisalign works by using a series of slightly different clear braces to apply a controlled force to move different teeth as your Invisalign treatment progresses.

    Our dentists will invite you back every few weeks to replace your current Invisalign clear braces with a new set of aligners until you have the perfect smile!

    Invisalign fit a new one as you continue your journey towards straighter teeth.

    Only specific teeth can only move with each new set of clear aligners you wear so this is a much more controlled, and less painful way of aligning your teeth.

    You can take your Invisalign retainers out to brush your teeth and eat, however we would recommend wearing the retainers at all other times, as not doing so will delay the process.

    Invisalign aligners are custom made from clear, medical-grade thermoplastic.

    Invisalign uses a series of clear custom-made aligners to straighten and reposition your teeth comfortably and discreetly without the need for conventional metal braces.

    Invisalign is one of the most sophisticated clear orthodontic systems available, with digitally advanced planning tools which usually allow us to create your new smile and leave you with straight teeth in as little as six months.

    Invisalign braces are completely removable, giving you flexibility when eating or for special occasions when it’s not convenient for you to wear them, and allowing for improved dental hygiene. And they’re virtually invisible!

    Invisalign clear braces can also be used as part of a wider cosmetic dentistry treatment plan, including dental implants.

    • Invisalign Lite single arch treatment £2,000
    • Invisalign Lite top and bottom teeth £3,000
    • Invisalign Full top and bottom teeth £4,000

    *all Invisalign treatment includes free whitening – usually £250

    What Invisalign can do for you

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    I am very pleased with the care of the dentist and staff. My teeth look amazing and fit really well. I would tell everyone to go with them.

    Mrs Gloria Thompson

    Thanks very much for your care and skill in interpreting ropy impressions of heavy preps and manufacturing those crowns for Claire. They looked superb on the models and in the...


    Excellent service from everyone involved at HQ Dental. Speedy, efficient and friendly. Excellent fix, so pleased. I Would highly recommend.

    M.H Skarvil

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