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At HQ Dental we strive to be the leading dental practice in Leeds by offering a high-quality dental care experience for all our patients. General dentistry covers a range of treatment options that are essential to protect and maintain your oral health, keeping your mouth, gums and teeth healthy and free of pain.

Alongside a wide range of specialist treatments, we provide outstanding general dentistry, including crowns and bridges, root canals, orthotics, implantology, dental hygiene, scale and polish, fillings and extractions.

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Our general dental services are available for all the family, and we pride ourselves on our quality of service and high standards of dentistry.

New private patients are always given a warm welcome by our highly qualified team, with treatment options designed to promote healthy teeth and gums and create beautiful smiles.

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We’re experts with over 35 years’ experience

You can meet the whole team! This direct line of communication always guarantees best results. Plus everything is produced in-house, so we can keep our prices low.

A team of more than 80 dental professionals

At HQ we’re passionate about what we do and are proud to offer modern, friendly, caring dental treatments.

World Class Dentistry

Our combined surgery, lab and teaching facility delivers high quality dentistry services.

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    Composite filling

    HQ Dental are experts at providing patients with composite fillings, which are tooth fillings coloured to mirror the natural appearance of your natural teeth. Whilst they serve the same purpose as traditional fillings, they are a more aesthetically pleasing alternative and are usually plastic or ceramic-based.
    From £150

    Amalgam filling

    Amalgam fillings are more traditional fillings that are made from a mixture of materials, primarily liquid materials and a powdered alloy composed of silver, tin, and copper. The main advantage of amalgam fillings is that they are a cheaper alternative to composite fillings and are extremely durable, making them ideal for the back molars where the strongest bite force is exerted.
    From £100

    Extraction (simple)

    Our team can perform simple or surgical tooth extractions depending on how complex your oral health needs are. During a simple extraction, you'll receive a local anaesthetic, meaning you will not be put to sleep but the area around your tooth will be numbed.

    Complex surgical extraction

    For more invasive procedures, a surgical extraction may be required. Here the patient will receive both local and intravenous anaesthesia, and potentially general anaesthesia.

    Crown re-cement

    Crowns can fall out for a variety of reasons, ranging from general wear and tear to further misalignment of the tooth. Usually, they can be fixed by putting a new core into the damaged tooth before recementing the crown into the correct place.
    Existing patient re-cement £77

    Root canal treatment

    Root canal treatment is the process of removing an infection from inside a tooth, and it can also be used to protect the tooth from future infections. Root canal therapy starts by cleaning the hollow section of a tooth that contains the nerve tissue and blood vessels. With the patient under local anaesthesia, the dentist makes a small incision on the surface of the tooth and removes the dead and diseased tissue from within. Next, the hygienist cleans, shapes and decontaminates the hollowed-out area, and the tooth is filled with a rubber-like material using an adhesive cement to seal the canals. Finally, it must be further strengthened so that it does not become brittle. This is usually done by a crown or filling to offer further protection against future wear and tear and the prevention of future treatments.
    From £400

    Surgical root canal (apicectomy)

    When a non-surgical root canal is not sufficient to save the tooth, a surgical root canal may be necessary. The most common reason for this is when inflation or infection continue to threaten the tooth's bone structure even after a conventional canal has been completed. In a surgical root canal the endodontist accesses the root of the tooth through a small incision in the gum, rather than the tooth. Once the root is reached, inflamed or infected tissue is removed and the end of the root is sealed. Regular check-ups, once the treatment has been completed, ensure that complications are less likely to arise and future dental implants are not required.

    Pathology (requiring biopsy)

    If abnormal tissue occurs in the mouth, a small piece may need to be removed and sent for testing. This is known as a biopsy, and tissue samples are taken using a variety of instruments under anaesthetic. Your surgeon will send the tissue samples to a pathologist, who can determine whether further treatment is required.

    Teeth whitening - SPECIAL OFFER

    Teeth whitening treatment is the process of lightening the natural colour of your teeth to give you a smile makeover. Here at HQ Dental, the techniques we use are centered around whitening trays and peroxide whitening gel - both of which can be produced by our friendly staff while you wait in our on-site laboratory, before being applied to your teeth.

    Whitening gel syringes

    You can purchase top-up syringes of whitening gel from HQ Dental to help you maintain a great-looking smile at home, and your custom-made trays can be used for future top-up teeth whitening treatments.

    Pocket measuring

    Pocket measuring is a key part of regular check-ups and refers to the process of measuring the depths of your gum tissue pockets, with a healthy number being anything from 1 to 3 millimetres deep. To measure this we use a periodontal probe from where the tissue is connected through ligaments to the root.


    Oraqix is a gel that is used as a form of local anaesthesia for procedures where tooth pockets are affected. It is most commonly used in adults, with the aim being to stop or relieve pain during dental procedures such as scaling, probing, and root planing.

    Sedation (on referral)

    Intravenous sedation may be offered to patients over 16, depending on the complexity of the case and any pre-existing medical conditions, after a full assessment by a sedation dentist.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Call us on 0113 279 6667, or complete the contact form on our contact page and one of our team will get back in touch as soon as we can. Alternatively, simply call in to our surgery in Leeds.

    Providing you contact us 24 hours before your appointment or if its a genuine emergency there will be no charge and we can reschedule for a date and time that suits.

    If you need to cancel, please call us on 0113 279 6667 before the appointment time.

    You can either pay by cash or credit/debit card, and finance is available across all our products and services.

    If you have a dental emergency, call us on 0113 279 6667. We’ll then recommend the next steps for your situation.

    Our team are friendly, caring and understanding and will always do whatever we can to put you at ease. We’ll build your confidence and trust in us by listening to your concerns and fears, showing you that not only can we help fix your dental issues, we can also help to reduce the stress and fear of seeing a dentist. Rest assured, the HQ Dental team in Leeds are here to help.

    Sensitivity is often triggered by cold food and drinks, touch or sweet foods. It can be caused by exposing the more sensitive dentine on your teeth either by brushing too hard or consuming too many acidic foods. The solution is to limit the exposure of your teeth to acid attack, regularly brushing and using toothpaste for sensitive teeth. If the problem persists, book an appointment with HQ Dental.

    Not experiencing any pain doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have any dental problems. At your check up we’ll check your teeth and gums carefully and advise you of any potential issues – and we also check for mouth cancer. If your teeth and gums are completely healthy, we will give you advice on how to keep them that way.

    Time between appointments varies for different people, but we usually recommend having a dental check up every six months. If you suffer from chronic dental problems or have poor oral health, your dentist may recommend visiting as often as every three months. But if your mouth is healthy and you don’t have a history of problems, we may also recommend increasing the interval between check-ups.

    We’re based on the outskirts of Leeds, near Wortley. Access is easy via the Leeds ring road and from Leeds city centre. Our full address is:

    Swallow House, 349 Tong Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS12 4QG.

    Intravenous sedation is available to suitable patients.

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    At HQ Dental we strive to offer the very best in general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and patient care. Contact us today to book an appointment or a check up, new patients are always welcome.

    I am very pleased with the care of the dentist and staff. My teeth look amazing and fit really well. I would tell everyone to go with them.

    Mrs Gloria Thompson

    Thanks very much for your care and skill in interpreting ropy impressions of heavy preps and manufacturing those crowns for Claire. They looked superb on the models and in the...


    Excellent service from everyone involved at HQ Dental. Speedy, efficient and friendly. Excellent fix, so pleased. I Would highly recommend.

    M.H Skarvil

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