How does it work?


Arrive for your initial consultation, oral health check and primary impressions.


The ‘try-in’ stage. We can modify and change things until you are completely happy.


The denture fit stage. We will ask you to wear them for 30 minutes before leaving.

Interested? Call us today to arrange your appointment on 0113 279 6667.

Why Choose Us?

Experts with over 35 years’ experience

Our combined surgery, lab and teaching facility delivers world-class denture services.

A team of more than 70 dental professionals

At HQ, we are passionate about what we do and are proud to offer modern, friendly, caring dentistry.

Phonares best-in-class dentures

We’re experts in fitting precision-crafted Phonares – the next generation of denture teeth.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Phonares teeth are the most lifelike and convincing dentures available today. Made using the best quality materials, they’re the most durable and resistant to wear. Advanced anatomical features help to enhance function and make chewing easier. We created Phonares to be the best acrylic denture available anywhere, at any price.

    Unlike any other dental practice in the UK, we can provide the highest quality, top of the range acrylic dentures in just one visit, making us a great choice no matter where you are in the country. Your day with us will be carefully planned and during your visit you’ll be allocated your own senior prosthetics technician who will be dedicated to your treatment ensuring that your new dentures will be perfect in every way.


    A timeline of your day

    • 10am – Consultation, oral health check and primary impressions – then it’s time to relax in your own private waiting room until we’re ready for the next stage of your treatment.
    • 12-1pm – Wax denture stage at which we can modify and change the position of the teeth and the appearance of your dentures until you are completely happy with the aesthetics. We’ll then process your dentures – during this time, you’ll be free to explore Leeds for lunch or a spot of shopping. However, the private waiting room is yours for the day if you’re more comfortable staying with us.
    • 5pm – Now it’s time to fit your brand-new dentures – before you leave we’ll thoroughly test your dentures to make sure they’re perfect for you and ready for everyday life.

    Absolutely not – your treatment will be very carefully planned, and your own dedicated senior technician will ensure that everything runs smoothly and that your new dentures are perfect.

    We are conveniently situated on the outskirts of Leeds (on the south side) just inside the outer ring road and easily accessed from the M1 and the M62. Leeds railway station is 15 minutes away by taxi and Leeds Bradford Airport is 30 minutes by taxi.

    One of the benefits of coming to HQ Dental is that your impressions are cast within minutes of being taken – this means that they don’t have time to distort, ensuring that your dentures will fit super accurately. Before you leave HQ we’ll thoroughly test your new dentures to make sure there aren’t any issues.

    Please call us on 0113 279 6667.

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    I am very pleased with the care of the dentist and staff. My teeth look amazing and fit really well. I would tell everyone to go with them.

    Mrs Gloria Thompson

    Thanks very much for your care and skill in interpreting ropy impressions of heavy preps and manufacturing those crowns for Claire. They looked superb on the models and in the...


    Excellent service from everyone involved at HQ Dental. Speedy, efficient and friendly. Excellent fix, so pleased. I Would highly recommend.

    M.H Skarvil

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