All on 4 – new teeth in one day

What are ‘All On 4’ dental implants and are they for me?

All on 4 is now recognised as one of the greatest advances in dental medicine offering patients a safe, immediate and cost-effective way of replacing all their failing or missing natural teeth with a complete set of new, natural-looking permanent teeth.

The All on 4 procedure was developed by implant manufacturer Nobel Biocare and Portuguese implant dentist professor Paulo Malo, whose research showed that by using tilted implants (which provide much greater initial stability and connection with the bone) that it was possible to ‘immediately load’ the implants with a full arch temporary bridge on the same day.

A much stronger ‘long-term’ bridge can then fitted 12 weeks later.

What are the advantages of All on 4?

  • New teeth in one day: The main advantage of this dental implant treatment is that a whole set of fixed teeth can be provided in just one day unlike traditional implants that sometimes involve multiple implants, surgeries and can take up to a year to complete.
  • High success rate: This procedure has a very high success rate, and by placing just 4 implants in very precise locations complex bone grafting isn’t required.
  • All on 4 is a healthy, long-term option: With just 4 implants per arch, all the teeth and implants are easy to clean and maintain, leading to better oral health.
  • Reduced costs: By using fewer implants and avoiding bone grafting, the cost of All on 4 is much lower than traditional dental implants.
  • We’re specialists: HQ are recognised dental implant experts and an All on 4 centre of excellence.

All on 4 Full Arch Implant Retained Bridges

What is the process for All on 4?

The starting point is to have an implant consultation with one of our surgeons.

This initial consultation will include a bone scan using our own in-house CAT scanner. We can manipulate this 3D scan and view cross-sections, which allows us to use virtual planning software to measure bone quality and depth.

This helps us plan what size implants can be used and where best in your bone to place them.

After planning your dental treatment, we will make your temporary bridge. This is produced by our technicians and will be made to your exact requirements.

During your procedure we will customise this primary bridge to fit onto your dental implants. The bridge helps to stabilise the implants during the integration period allowing your bone to grow around and fuse to them.

This biological process takes around 12 weeks, after which we can fit a much stronger long-term bridge.

These pictures were taken on the same day – 9am–5pm





What can I expect from All on 4 dental implant treatment?

Each case is treated individually. This means we sit down and listen to you. Often patients feel embarrassed about their smile or find that they cannot eat properly.

This could be due to tooth decay, infection, gum disease or ill-fitting dentures.

Every set of new fixed teeth is custom-made so that we can provide you with a natural and secure option that will allow you to smile and eat with confidence.

We actually provide two bridges: the primary bridge is fitted on the day of your procedure and then a more substantial titanium-reinforced bridge is fitted 12 weeks later.

When can I have this?

The All on 4 procedure requires total laboratory involvement. At HQ Dental our skilled surgeons and technicians work together very closely at every stage and because everything is done on-site it means that we can do things quickly.

Because we have control of the whole team, we can be very flexible. This means that, if required, you can have the procedure within days of your initial consultation.

Am I suitable for All on 4?

The answer is almost always yes. Tilted implants mean that less bone depth is required and sometimes even people who have previously been told that they’re not suitable for teeth implants (due to bone loss in the upper palate) can have this procedure.

If there really isn’t enough bone we can consider using extra-long zygomatic implants which pass through the palate and connect with the bone in your cheeks.

All-on-4 is an excellent treatment for patients who have multiple missing teeth, or teeth that cannot be restored.

It’s also a good treatment for those who are self-conscious of how their teeth look and want a better alternative to a denture.

Is this procedure expensive?

By using fewer implants and avoiding bone grafting, the cost of All on 4 is much less than conventional full arch implant treatment.

At HQ we have our own cone beam CAT scanner. This allows us to accurately assess and plan your case without added costs. Most dentists have to outsource this. And, of course, as everything is produced on site, we can keep costs even lower.

The All on 4 procedure costs from £12,750 per arch (depending on complexity) or from £12,250 per arch (depending on complexity) when having full mouth dental implants (upper and lower arches).

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