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HQ Dental is one of the biggest suppliers of dental bridges to dentists in the UK. To look completely natural and totally convincing, every dental bridge needs to be as individual as you are. At HQ Dental everything is custom-made in-house by our skilled technicians.

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We use cutting-edge CAD/CAM manufacturing technology to produce the latest metal-free bridges that are almost impossible to distinguish from natural teeth. At HQ, our dentists and technicians work together at every stage. Technician colour matching guarantees the best results every time.

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge replaces a missing tooth or several teeth by bonding one or more artificial teeth onto the natural teeth on either side. It is useful to think of it as a ‘bridge’ over a gap.

Dental bridges are a permanent solution to replace missing teeth and restore your smile without surgery.

The benefits of dental bridges

A natural-looking smile
Our dental bridges are hand-crafted for a natural-looking artificial tooth that blends in perfectly with your existing teeth.

Strong and durable
A dental bridge can last well over 10 years with proper care and regular dental checkups. They are an ideal solution for those who are looking for a permanent solution to missing teeth without invasive surgery.

Restore your smile
A dental bridge restores gaps in the smile, allowing you to smile, laugh, talk and eat your favourite foods without worry. It also stops your remaining teeth from drifting and causing further issues in the mouth.

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Metal Ceramic bonded


Layered metal free emax/zirconia crown or bridge unit


Temp adhesive bridge (for implant)


Bridge per unit


Why choose us for dental bridges?


Over 35 years' experience

We have a team of over 80 dental experts and we've been operating for more than 35 years. We provide the very best in patient care and cosmetic dentistry and are proud to be one of the largest suppliers of crown and bridge work across the UK.

On-site laboratory

Our bridge work is all made in our on-site laboratory. Nothing is outsourced, giving you exceptional value for money, minimising appointment waiting times and ensuring you have access to the latest cutting-edge technology for convincing and durable bridges.

Shade matching

We carry out shade matching with technicians on-site to ensure the best results for your dental implants, bridges and dental crowns. This continuity of care between dentists and technicians keeps costs low, standards high and reduces waiting time between appointments.

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    Frequently asked questions

    If you have a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth and enough supporting teeth, you are usually eligible for dental bridge treatment.

    From our digital suite, processing both digital and conventional impressions, we CAD/CAM produce zirconia, non-precious metal and PMMA restorations and substructures.

    Our bespoke crown and bridge range are expertly hand-crafted for the finest aesthetic results. We can provide:

    • CAD/CAM-designed Zenith Zirconia – milled in-house or with top-of-the-range Lava
    • Emax crowns
    • Lithium disilicate glass ceramic restorations.
    • Composite restorations
    • Gradia and ceramage
    • Other crown and bridge restorations
    • Dentine bonded
    • Gold
    • Procera
    • Inlays
    • Onlays
    • Resin bonded bridges
    • Zirconia crown and bridge restorations

    In addition to conventionally produced gold, porcelain bonded to metal, composite or feldspathic porcelain options, we offer a full range of advanced restorations utilising press and CAD/CAM technologies.

    To survive the enormous forces of biting and chewing all crowns and bridges need to be incredibly strong, This means they need to have a high-strength core material. Conventional crowns have a cast metal core, but the very latest hi-tech crowns and bridges have a CAD/CAM-designed zirconia core. These fit more accurately and because they are tooth-coloured all the way through, they look more natural too.

    On top of the core material we build the crown up in different layers of porcelain. By doing so we can incorporate different colours and other internal characterisation. These can include areas of opacity or translucency and even fluorescence. This porcelain is baked onto the core material.

    Finally we finish the crown or bridge by ‘glazing’ it with a layer of translucent porcelain. At this point we can also add surface staining for an even better result. When a complex colour match is required, we sometimes do this with our patient present for the best result possible.

    We can produce any type of modern crown, bridge or denture and can make them look exactly like natural teeth.
    When colour matching is difficult our skilful technicians are happy to do this for you – meeting the patient can make all of the difference and it’s amazing what we can do.
    Our shade-taking service sometimes involves digital shade-taking and photography.
    In especially complex crown and bridge cases we can produce restoration while in the chair and glaze with the patient present for the very best results.

    There are various alternatives to dental bridges. These include Maryland bonded bridges, dental implants or a partial denture.
    Speak to us today about the best treatment option for your requirements.

    We are based on the outskirts of Leeds city centre and are easily accessible by car or public transport. You can find us at: Swallow House, 349 Tong Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS12 4QG.

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    I am very pleased with the care of the dentist and staff. My teeth look amazing and fit really well. I would tell everyone to go with them.

    Mrs Gloria Thompson

    Thanks very much for your care and skill in interpreting ropy impressions of heavy preps and manufacturing those crowns for Claire. They looked superb on the models and in the...


    Excellent service from everyone involved at HQ Dental. Speedy, efficient and friendly. Excellent fix, so pleased. I Would highly recommend.

    M.H Skarvil

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