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New Zubler Furnace Enhances HQ’s Capabilities


In our 30 years of establishment, HQ Dental has always relished being at the forefront of dental technology, as this helps us increase our capabilities when operating with clients. When the opportunity to invest in advanced equipment arises, it’s something we can’t wait to get our teeth into.

Zubler are an innovator in the manufacture and supply of cutting-edge dental equipment, and HQ Dental are proud to have acquired three new furnaces from them. The Vario 200/200ZR furnace is the only firing chamber that offers a homogenous temperature across the whole firing tray. Properties include:

  • Safety glass touch display
    Touchscreen display is made from safety glass that is heat resistant and impact resistant. It’s also easy to clean in comparison to traditional keypad displays.
  • Omni-visible display
    Visibility of the tray is accessible from a variety of different angles despite the distance or lighting influence.
  • USB Connection
    This makes for seamless data transfer and the backup of programmes.

dental furnace


More details about how these furnaces work and the ways in which they will improve our service can be found on the manufacturers website. We look forward to putting the furnaces into practice for the creation of dental ceramics.

As dental specialists, HQ Dental also conduct regular training conferences where experts discuss the latest techniques and technologies. This is part of what makes us one of the top dental labs in the country. Based in Leeds, we work with clients across the Yorkshire region, so if you would like to get in touch with us, call us on 0113 279 6668.

Should you consider full or partial dentures?


Full and partial dentures can help to restore a person’s smile. They work by filling in gaps between missing teeth, or replacing teeth altogether. Replacement teeth are secured in a base which matches the gum colour of the patient, meaning they blend in with the rest of the mouth. Alongside the cosmetic benefits of the treatment, there are also other reasons why patients are opting for dentures:

Dentures can make it easier to eat

Missing teeth can often make certain foods difficult to eat, meaning you miss out on them altogether or can only eat them in the privacy of your own home. Dentures fit so closely to the gum itself that they make chewing food much easier, meaning any off limit foods can be put back on the menu once again.

Dentures can improve confidence

Restoring a smile can lead to higher levels of confidence and self-esteem amongst patients. In fact many of the people we have treated tell us that they wish they had invested in dentures years ago due to the new found confidence they have. Rather than shying away at work meetings or family occasions, they now participate more actively in these kinds of events.

Dentures can help with clearer speech

Another benefit of dentures is that they can help wearers with their speech. With missing or damaged teeth it can be difficult to pronounce some sounds. Dentures allow users to speak more clearly, which again boosts confidence and makes social events more enjoyable.

HQ Dental have been providing advanced dental restorations and prostheses to patients in Leeds and the surrounding area for more than 30 years. If you would like further information about any of the treatments we offer or the latest technology we use then please get in touch today by calling 0113 279 6668.

Could fruit tea be bad for your teeth?


Last month research published in the British Dental Journal hit the news as it suggested that acidic drinks such as fruit tea increase the risk of suffering from tooth erosion. The study, which was conducted by researchers at King’s College London focused on the diets of 300 participants who had suffered severe tooth erosion. It found that a range of acidic drinks can contribute to damage – others included flavoured water, squash, alcohol, diet drinks and sweetened drinks. It also identified pickled products and vinegars as other potential causes of erosion.

However, the research also suggested that it wasn’t just the drink or food that was problematic, it was at what time it was consumed that was causing problems. When items are snacked on in between meals, or continuously sipped, as fruit tea often is, then this is when damage is likely to occur. Indeed the lead author of the paper, Dr Saorise O’Toole stated: “If you drink things for long periods of time, greater than five minutes, or if you play with things in your mouth or if you nibble on fruit over a few minutes rather than eating them as a whole fruit – these are things that can really damage your teeth. If you are going to have a glass of wine in the evening, then don’t have your fruit tea in the morning.” This suggests that timing as well as balance is key in reducing the risk of tooth erosion occurring from drinking acidic products.

HQ Dental have been established for 30 years and during this time have built up an excellent reputation for delivering advanced dental restorations in a discreet and supportive environment. If you are considering prostheses and would like to speak to someone in more detail about the options available please get in touch today on 0113 279 6668.

6 causes of sensitive teeth


Having sensitive teeth can be extremely uncomfortable and often very painful. It is important that you know the leading causes of sensitive teeth, so you can take the necessary measures to prevent it.

There are lots of things over time which can damage your enamel leading to dentin exposure, which is connected to nerves in the teeth.

Here is a list of the most common causes of sensitive teeth:
-Brushing your teeth too hard with a hard-bristled or rough toothbrush can wear down the enamel of your teeth.

-Home remedies for teeth whitening may sound appealing, but in fact they can be very dangerous. The most common home remedies are hydrogen peroxide or baking soda and both are very damaging to your teeth.

-Forgetting to brush your teeth daily or having poor teeth hygiene can let plaque or tartar build up.

-Frequently drinking or eating lots of acidic things could be gradually stripping away your tooth enamel. Try to minimise the amount of orange juice, sports drinks and carbonated soda you consume.

-Eating lots of sugary foods and having a high-sugar diet can prompt bacteria to grow, which in time erodes gums and exposes the sensitive areas of the teeth.

If you’d like more advice on how you can prevent sensitive teeth, or need to talk to a dentist about improving tooth sensitivity, get in touch today on (0113) 279 6668.

Welcome to our new Website

HQ Dental reception

HQ Dental would like to welcome everyone to our brand new website. Here you will find information on both the laboratory and our private practice.

We welcome you to have a look around the site and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team.

HQ Dental Lab collect two national awards


Our team is celebrating once again after picking up two titles at the Laboratory Awards in London!

Following last year’s awards, winning the ‘Best Crown and Bridge’ and ‘Best Orthodontic Laboratory’, we had a successful ceremony last Friday (Nov 18) at Kensington’s Royal Garden Hotel where we were nominated for 9 of the 10 categories and awarded ‘Team of the Year’ and ‘Best Prosthetic Laboratory’.

Our delighted Managing director, Richard Wainwright, said:” This year saw a record number of entries to the Laboratory Awards, making it especially hard to emulate our success in 2015 so I’m incredibly proud that the work of our team and our expertise in prosthetics has once again been recognised by the industry.”

HQ Dental boasts some of the best dental technicians in the UK and has earned a strong reputation in the fields of implantology, crown and bridge and prosthetics through continuous investment in training courses and technology.  We are about to go digital with a mouth scanner which will mean no more impressions, the worst part of having a crown!

As well as our full service Laboratory, our Leeds headquarters also has a private dental practice on site. To find out more, call (0113) 279 6667.